SlamTar Video Editing

My craft is becoming ever more important, as communication strategies shift from the still image to video. Businesses, organisations and agencies are increasingly using professional video editors to differentiate their brand and content from templated solutions.


My name is DerekR

I created the brand name Slam Tar to act as a digital calling-card, for my professional video editing services. In an increasingly competitive world, many have instant access to high-resolution cameras. Whilst, platforms like Instagram make it possible for even the most humble smart-phone user to create some very likeable imagery.

Whereas, I focus on helping the more discerning, those who opt to use a professional that can help strengthen their brand values and build their reputation.


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I turn everyday video clips into engaging videos that you will be proud to show your audience. Whether it is to inform, educate or promote, I will work with you, to consistently produce content that inspires people to act!


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